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Freshly Folded

Freshly Folded

Laundry day no longer has to be your never-ending story. Wouldn’t it be magical for someone to show up and just take your laundry away? Introducing Freshly Folded.

Our delivery service is free and convenient. Simply use your Freshly Folded laundry bag to pass us your bulk laundry and we will return it to you clean, folded and smelling fresh.


Small Family

Ideal for 1-2 people
One bag (18 lbs or 2 loads of Laundry)

On demand 1 bag = $28.82

Subscription Service (1 bag/week) = $93.50/month

Subscription Service (2 bags/week) = $170.50/month

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Large Family

Ideal for 3 or more people
One bag (28 lbs or 4 loads of Laundry)

On demand 1 bag = $43.84

Subscription Service (1 bag/week) = $137.50/month

Subscription Service (2 bags/week) = $258.50/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available in my area?

Fluff and Fold service will be available for drop off and pick up at any of our stores across the City of Winnipeg with a three day turnaround.

Free pickup and delivery from your home or office is currently available in select regions of the City of Winnipeg. Please ask Customer Service Representative for details.

Is there a fee for delivery?

No. All pickup and delivery is complimentary with the service.

What is the turnaround time for the service?

3 business days. For example, if we pick it up on a Monday, you will have it neatly folded and back to you by Thursday.

Do I need to be home for pick-up and delivery?

No. Place the clothes in the bag we provide you with on your front door step or pre-designated location as agreed upon with your driver (e.g. side door, garage etc).

Will you provide me with a Freshly Folded laundry bag?

Yes, we will provide you with one of our large Freshly Folded garment bags free of charge to use. The size of bag will depend on the type of service you are signing up for as there are two size of bags.

Do you offer green or organic cleaning products?

Yes. All of our soap, detergents, and cleaning supplies are green and environmentally friendly.

Do I need to separate my whites from the dark clothing?

No, leave that to us! All of your laundry will be sorted and cleaned separately according to colours.

Is there an order minimum?

No. Fill the bag you are provided with to the top. You are simply charged a standard fee for the service.

Can I sign-up for regular weekly service?

Yes! Subscribe to our service and you will receive beautifully cleaned and folded laundry every week at a reduced rate.

I have a large family, can I have more than 1 bag?

Yes. Request our Large Family plan and you will receive 2 bags to fill.

I’m on a subscription, when will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged at the beginning of the month.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, just send us an email to 2 working days before the end of the month.

I’m on a subscription and I’m going on holiday, can I put my service on hold?

Yes, just send us an email to 2 working days before your next service date.

How much stuff can I put in my bag?

Fill the bag! The bag just needs to be able to close.

What if I have dry cleaning items in my bag?

All dry clean items in the laundry bag will be cleaned, pressed and billed separately at our standard dry cleaning rates.

Do you wash and fold my collared dress shirts?

As dress shirts require pressing and finishing, they are not included in our wash and fold service.